Embodied Intimacy Training

Come Home to

Love, Eros & Your Body. 

We all carry a collective trauma. We fumble in relationship, we struggle with loneliness. We’re cut off from our bodies, their juices and smells and animal desires. We manipulate our sexual partners for external validation. We try to mimic porn sex. Men are men because they get laid. Women are women because they are desired. Happiness is rarely lasting.

Would you like to experience a different kind of world?

A world where we could slow down enough to feel safe in every cell of our body... where we could put our conditioning on hold... where we can allow our senses to open and guide the way. 

What if we could build a new culture together — based on trust that comes from speaking the truth?

What if we could bridge that painful gap between who we think we are in our minds – and who we experience ourselves to be through our bodies and hearts?

This world is here now. This is your invitation.

Together, in community, we will live in this new world. We will explore how to cultivate a loving, erotic embodiment in which all of us is included, even the parts that feel scary, amazing, too little or too much.

We will explore how we can heal one another, unlock our organism’s innate ability to integrate and embrace all our contradictions. Come home, through your body, to one united whole. 

In this community we will cultivate trust, solidarity and mutual support. We will move from experiencing ourselves as isolated messed up individuals, to stand together in the devastating collective and historical trauma we have inherited. This cultural wound has left us in fear of, and at war with, love and eros, the sacred energies that created us and are the essence of our joy. This wound lives in every fiber of our nervous system as a terror of not being worthy of love. Women fear intimacy with men. Men fear intimacy with women. Brothers mistrust brothers; sisters mistrust sisters. 

We can't heal these relational traumas alone. 

But we can engage in simple and truthful ways of being together, by quieting down the regular, superficial chitchat of social interaction. We can enter into a profound transformational intimacy with one another and with shared reality, through attuning and dialoguing — breath by breath, sound by sound, touch by touch, move by move.

You can be a part of this future. 

Are you ready?



What to Expect

  • Get a comprehensive, thorough and integrated emotional, relational and sexual education — the kind so few of us received growing up but need so badly as adults.

  • Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection and free sexuality through trust and self-awareness.

  • Shift your relationships from fear to trust to explore your deepest longings around intimacy, love and partnership.

  • Rediscover your erotic innocence and wildness in a space of trust, permission and creativity.

  • Reclaim your body as an intelligent instrument that works as an inner barometer for your truth.

  • Explore what it means to embody the healthy feminine and masculine and practice your unique expression of both within a loving tribe.  

  • Learn how to be a whole human being, in body, heart and soul, in a way that naturally heals and makes life holy.

  • Experience more self-love and self-acceptance through the mirrors of others.

  • Transform your personal fear, shame, and trauma around who you are as a sexual being, end the war within as a political act of healing the planet.   

  • Step into greatness, become your calling, fulfill your task here on earth, to be part of a much larger spiritual evolution.

Learn These Core Practices

These are some of the practices will guide our process of unfolding and expanding throughout the year. 

  • Embodiment Practices (Drawing from Qi Gong, Yoga, Shaking, TRE, Buddhist Tantra, Body Mind Centering, Movement and Improvisation, Body Work)

  • Healing Practices (Drawing from David Cates Method, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Neo Tantra)

  • Intimacy and Bonding Practices (Drawing from David Cates Method, Belly2Belly, Buddhist Tantra, Embodied Intimacy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,)

  • Community Building Practices (Drawing from Sharing Circle, Zegg Forum, Humaniversity Social Meditation, Authentic Relating)

  • Men’s and Women’s groups (Drawing from Mens and women's group structure, Same Gender Bonding, Embodied Intimacy)

  • Relational Attunement Practices (Drawing from Contact Improvisation, Neo Tantra, Dance and Theatre improvisation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

  • Emotional Integration Practices (Drawing from Rebirthing Breath work, OSHO Active Meditation)

  • Sacred Core and Higher Self Practices (Drawing from Zazen meditation, Belly2Belly, Tamera Healing Biotope)

  • Nature Practices (Drawing from Tamera Healing Biotope, Shamanism, Buddhist Tantra, Embodied Intimacy, Prayer)

  • Creative Expression Practices (Drawing from Poetry, Writing, Theatre Improvisation, Creative Art, Music, Song, Performing Arts, open stage)

  • Social Practices (Drawing from social meditations, social games and “dating” structures)





Embodied Intimacy Training - Program Details

Up to 26 group members will meet in person four times during four seasons for 7 days each time. In between these modules, there will be a weekly online integration and community-building group.

If you have not met us in person yet you need to attend an introductory weekend or retreat lead by Embodied Intimacy to determine if this program is a fit for you. You are always invited to apply and have a personal conversation with Buster about if this is a fit for you. 


A Certificate of Completion is offered each participant who completes the four modules and the required integration tasks.

Teachers Training (next year):

For the participants who complete the Embodied Intimacy Training there will be an option to apply for a teachers training the following year. A few teacher trainees will then serve as assistant teachers during the EIT. This will allow them to infuse their work in the world with the principles and practices of Embodied Intimacy.


Optional Introductory Experiences

See www.facebook.com/EmbodiedIntimacy/events for more opportunities and details

Training 2019/2020

Summer (First) Module: Bonding as Community

 2nd to 8th September, 2019

Fall (Second) Module: From Trauma to Personal Power

4th to 10th of November, 2019 

Winter (Third) Module: The Erotic Animal Hiding in the Shadows

6th to 12th of January, 2020

Spring (Forth) Module: Integration & Celebration 

2nd to 8th of March, 2020 


Course fee: 42.000 SEK for private participants, 54.000 SEK for companies and organizations.

Course fee includes food and accommodations in shared dorm.

Invoiced from Sweden.


Ätran, Sweden.  





4 Seasons, 4 Weeklong Modules,

Weekly Online Integration Groups. 

Summer Module — 

Bonding as a Community


Do you feel deeply safe in your body and in intimate connection with others? Do you sometimes feel anxiety, fear of rejection, shame or uncertainty about whether you are truly welcome just as you are, with the body you have, the shadows you hide, the desires you feel? Can you be naked and relaxed – emotionally, physically, sexually – with others?

When we feel safe in connection with ourselves and others, we have the opportunity to thrive, to discover, reveal and enjoy who we are. When we don’t feel safe, intimacy stirs up endless problems.

And this impacts not only our relationships. Psychological research has shown that feeling safe and secure in connection with others is one of the strongest indicators of wellbeing, health, fulfilling relationships and resilience in life.

In the Summer Module, we focus on developing this much-needed foundation. We start with the understanding that suffering comes when we feel isolated, when we hold back parts of our sexuality and our desires – and it is connection that heals. We slowly explore how to share who we are, what we really want, and what is actually happening in our experience – whatever that might be. We build a sense of community with each other when our sharing is received and mirrored by others in ways that allows us to feel truly seen, known, heard and accepted. When we build this kind of space together, radical healing becomes possible. In fact, it becomes irresistible!

Your authentic sexual stories can be given voice – and heard with loving compassion. Distrust can shift to curiosity. The ways you hold back with women or men are invited to relax and evolve. Sexual competition can relax into true brotherhood and sisterhood. The emotional nutrients you missed growing up can be absorbed now, in community. Wherever you’ve contracted in fear, you’re now welcome to expand in love and playfulness.

Together we transition from feeling all alone and overwhelmed, to experiencing a new way of being, becoming a communitarian, a way in which “we’re all in this together”. My pain is your pain, and your transformation is my transformation. We function like mirrors for one another. This allows us to acknowledge both the pain of the past and the way into a new reality. We rewire our relationship to our triggered feelings – from shame, worthlessness and isolation, to connection, self acceptance, erotic innocence and play. As we pair the old with the new possibilities, we realize that what we avoid and tried to control is the very food for the connection we all starve for. Now as we step through the rough states of mind, together, we come home to where we are nourished and fed by all parts that finally come back into one whole. Now, our “angst becomes our liberation,” as we open our eyes to the possibility that we are everything; that we can hold both the victim and perpetrator, vulnerable and powerful, fearless and scared.

All of this allows us to truly become naked with each other, and from here, a new, transformational experience of the erotic can arise. In deep safety, penetrative honesty, fierce love and vibrant vulnerability, there is the invitation to explore our sexual energy in a space that is cleared of the regular projections and demands that characterise most relating. We meet in erotic innocence.

This is the foundation for a bold new life of self-love and genuine connection.

To support us in this healing, we work directly with the heart and body. We use breath, sound, touch and movement practices that help us drop in with each other to a space of real, authentic connection. We discharge emotional and physical blockages to the free flow of our energy. Maps and models are shared that help us understand the dynamics of secure and insecure attachment and sensed safety from a psychological and interpersonal neurobiological perspective. In Module 1, we bond as a community. This is the foundation stone for the rest of the training.

Summer Module Focus:

  • Develop a somatic sense of safety – feel safe in every cell of your body.

  • Reclaim your body as an intelligent instrument that work as an inner barometer.

  • Learn how to feel, and trust the intuitive yes and no in your own body.

  • Move away from the disempowering traps of judgment, blame and victimization – to compassionately reclaiming responsibility and personal power.

  • Learn powerful relationship skills based in compassionate and responsable listening and speaking.

  • Experience trust in men, women, yourself, and in community.

  • Feel deep trust in the healing potential of community.

  • Explore what it mean to be a woman and what it means to be a man.

  • Develop an authentic masculinity and femininity together with others.

  • Feel relaxed and accepted with your sexual history and as yourself as a sexual being.

Additional practices for Summer Module:

  • Trust Building and Boundary Practices (Drawing from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Embodied Intimacy, Wheel of Consent)

Theoretical Context Summer Module:

  • Theoretical Context (Drawing from Interpersonal Neurobiology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Mondo Zen, Humaniversity Psychology, Attachment Theory, Tamera Healing Biotope Philosophy, David Cates)

Fall Module — 

From Trauma to Personal Power


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.23.03 PM.png

In the Summer Module, we built a strong container of safety and community. We learned to speak up, to listen, to trust, and to bond. In the Fall Module, we use those shared skills and safe space to heal our deeper sexual, social and cultural and religious traumas – and to restore our personal power accompanied by others.

In order to create the love we truly desire, we must first undo the grip of unconscious fear. What comes up when we feel triggered, threatened, exposed beyond our comfort zone, or vulnerable beyond our ability to hold ourselves?

We slam on the brakes, and the love play can end in the middle of a kiss.

Our nervous systems ignite, activate and propel us involuntarily – often frighteningly – into instinctual, animal, primal responses, designed to defend us and keep us safe from possible threat. Perhaps, under the surface, we have the impulse to fight, flee, freeze, cry out or collapse, or some combination of these. All of these defences have something in common. While they may keep us alive, our sense of self intact, and protect our position, they also take us out of connection with others. When ruled by these instinctual responses in our daily lives, we find ourselves alone, isolated, disconnected and afraid.

These automatic reactions cannot be unlocked alone. They were formed in relation with other people: parents, siblings, playmates, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, lovers, trusted adults, authority figures, perhaps even enemies or abusers.

And to unlock these traumas, large and small, we must reveal them to other human beings, and heal them in new patterns of relating.

Trauma is stored, and healed, in the body. It’s not enough to talk about it, or do emotional processes around it. To really get to the core of it, we must become vulnerable again, in a place beyond words, and move into pure embodied experience. This can only happen in a safe container we can trust. Sometimes that safe container is with a lover or a trusted therapist. But the greatest transformation, the deepest healing, seems to happen mirrored in a group when more often than not our personal trauma is our collective trauma.

In the Fall Module, everyone has the opportunity to work with their developmental/ attachment/ sexual traumas. These are invited to be brought into the community to be witnessed and met in love, transparent vulnerability, and rugged challenge to the illusions they maintain. We learn to connect, safely embody, and relate with these defensive instincts. We develop our capacity to possess and harness the power of these instincts, our primordial reactive power. Fear is turned to power: the power to love as we desire, to create the sacred life we wish to live.

In this process each individual is invited to claim their power back. With the group committed to each person’s healing and liberation, now there is the opportunity to learn to stand on the foundation of one’s own inner strength. The bonds of the group remain but move into the background as each individual develops their capacity to stand alone, connected to one’s own sense of safety, clear boundaries, authentic yes and no, and the strength of our essence. From here, a whole new experience of community can emerge from the woven tapestry of each individual’s offered wholeness, power and passion.

We are held within community, and we stand strong on our own two feet. This is the interdependent balance that real loves requires: I am my own solid person, and I can also merge into joyful oneness with you.

Fall Module Focus: 

  • Discover who you are as a sexual being.

  • Learn healing ways of relating.

  • Befriend, trust and come alive with your instincts.

  • Integrate the different parts of you.

  • Rebuild a secure sense of self.

  • Uncover and transform old unconscious drives and patterns that have been running your life and affecting your present day relationships, emotions and behavior.

  • Learn how to regulate your triggered nervous system.

  • Awaken your capacity to love beyond fear and shame.

  • Experience sex free from fear, lies and conflict.

  • Experience an integrated and grounded spirituality.

  • Learn that your shadows and personal problems do not need to be fixed, but are are the food for a communal awakening process for everybody.

  • Feel powerful when you are seen as you actually are.

  • Experience more self-love and self-acceptance.

  • Come to terms with apparent contradictions in yourself: the destroyer and the creator, the victim and perpetrator.

Additional practices for Fall Module:

  • Trauma Healing Practices (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Embodied Intimacy, David Cates, TRE, Body Work, Yin based approach to Dearmoring, Contact Improvisation

  • Affect Regulation Practices (Drawing from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

  • Part work (Drawing from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Theatre Improvisation, Humaniversity Therapy)

  • Erotic and Sexual Healing Practices (Drawing from David Cates, Body Work, Yin based approach to Dearmoring, Rebirthing, Tantra,)

  • Community Building Practices (Drawing from Sharing Circle, Zegg Forum, Humaniversity Social Meditation, Authentic Relating, Cuddle and Play Structures)

Theoretical Context for the Fall Module

  • Theoretical Context (Drawing from Interpersonal Neurobiology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Theory, Affect Regulation, Structural Dissociation Theory, Tamera Healing Biotope Philosophy, Sacred Sexuality)


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 5.57.16 PM.png

Winter Module — 

The Erotic Animal Hiding in the Shadows


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.14.28 PM.png

Now that we have strong foundations of community acceptance and personal power, we are ready to shine light into our sexual shadows. It is in the shadows that our true erotic natures have been hiding, under old layers of fear and shame. Now we’re ready to meet them. Together.

To do this in community requires courage. It takes a warriorship of the heart that is willing to reveal the most uncomfortable truths of oneself and one’s projections. Instead of performing love and sex, anxiously trying to be who you think you need to be so you’ll be loved, you can bring out the wild animal you’ve been hiding. As you transparently reveal yourself and your secret desires – wild, dirty, magical, powerful, free – we all come alive.

Doing this opens up an electric field of transparency, openness, and vulnerability within the group. We do this knowing that simply the experience of being in touch with these most isolated and denied parts of ourselves, whilst never leaving the strong, loving eyes and arms of our community, can dramatically shift and release old patterns of pain and separation. We learn to love ourselves by allowing others to love what we’ve rejected in ourselves.

Sometimes our sexual animal is too much for one lover, and gets driven back into the shadows. But in a group, with a wide spectrum of people, and no single individual asked to hold the whole impact, it becomes much easier.

We learn to share clear feedback with each other, reclaim our projections, roar from our hearts, wrestle and cuddle with each other, and rewrite old stories with new ones - ones where we can be truly ourselves, in all our power and fullness, and truly bonded with others at the same time. From this point we can begin to know a sexuality that is genuinely grounded and integrated with the core of who we are.

From an embodied self-awareness, abiding in the animal wisdom of the body, we learn to create and respond to what’s real. We let go of futile attempts to try to fix or control ourselves. By playing in the shadows, we intentionally bring in the darker sides of sexuality: kink, BDSM, taboo. We discover the power that’s been hidden in the darkness, the huge amount of stored energy that was locked up in fear and trauma. And even better: we learn how to play with it!

We do this knowing that despite (and maybe even thanks to) our edges and shadows, we are lovable, we are welcome, and we belong. We feel the relief of not needing to live from a defended place, expecting the worst to happen, again. We learn to rest in a presence that holds all the good, all the bad, as one who has enough heart and belly for both the light and the shadow.

Focus for Winter Module: 

  • Access, trust and take responsibility for your needs, feelings and desires.

  • Learn to trust in yourself and that your shadow is your gift.

  • Increase your emotional intelligence, social intelligence and self-acceptance.

  • Develop clear boundaries, personal power, authenticity, fearlessness and spontaneity.

  • Learn ways to approach yourself and others with curiosity instead of judgment, compassion instead of impatience, love instead of avoidance, truth instead of strategies, and presence instead of control.

  • Experience the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature.

  • Transform fears, share the truth of your heart and experience relating to others from wholeness, trust, honesty and authenticity.

  • Reduce social anxiety by being met as you are and mirrored by a compassionate community without being made wrong or told you need to be different to be loved and welcomed.

  • Learn understandable, repeatable elements that are designed to give you the embodied foundation for a sex life that blows your mind, opens your heart and makes you grateful to be alive exactly as you are.

  • Learn the alchemy of relating, the practice of courageous vulnerability and transparent self-disclosure.

  • Learn how to rebuild your relationship to your emotions and wild animal instincts, and transform them into a more spontaneous, powerful, fun and passionate intimacy and sexuality.

  • Be able to come from your heart and deliver potent feedback that inspires others to make brave, transformative changes.

Additional practices for the Winter Module:

  • Mirroring and Feedback Practices (Drawing from Zegg Forum, Humaniversity Therapy, Embodied Intimacy, Contact Improvisation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

  • Rewilding Practices (Drawing from Contact Improvisation, Embodied Intimacy)  

  • Shadow Work (Drawing from Humaniversity Therapy, Drama Therapy)

  • Community Building Practices (Drawing from Theatre Improvisation, Cuddle and Play Structures)

  • Erotic and Sexual Healing Practices (Drawing from David Cates, Body Work, Yin based approach to Dearmoring, Rebirthing, Tantra, Sexual Shamanism)

  • Conscious Kink and BDSM (Drawing from Humaniversity Therapy, David Cates)

Theoretical Context 

  • Theoretical Context (Drawing from Tamera Healing Biotope Philosophy, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Kink)

Spring Module  -

Integration and Celebration


In this final phase of our journey together, we flow, dance and play in the field of love the community has created. We nakedly expose our raw and powerful hearts. We activate the erotic force of our sexuality, in all its soulfulness and animal wildness – and explore what it means to heal, transform and empower ourselves and each other into a totally new experience of being alive,

In the Spring Module, the participants add new flavors to the group harvest through sharing their gifts and offerings with the community. The community enters the mystery of co-creation through a fluid leadership and a more improvised structure. We play with dissolving the boundaries between leading and following.

Each individual learns to stand in the power of their wholeness, the unique beauty of their brokenness, and the sexual force of their wildness. Together we learn how these are gifts, for each of us and all of us. We come to feel what it means to stand together as an integrated community of unique, empowered individuals, each plugged into the source of their own inspiration to contribute to the whole – in wisdom, pleasure, rawness, creativity, and celebration.

Inner work needs to be paired with outer actions. The group is invited to courageously explore and co-create and collaborate whatever synergistic and spontaneous possibilities might want to emerge between us. Our process moves into freeflow creativity.

Celebration is the heart of the Spring Module.

But that celebration and collaboration leads to a deeper inquiry: How are we called to change our lives, to truly live this new way of being, every day? What does it look like when we are spiritually, emotionally, sexually and physically empowered in all the other dimensions of our lives? How can we be radically committed to upgrading our relationships, families, workplaces, livelihoods, communities and connections to the natural world?

This four season journey has revealed your own unique way to live as a catalyst and change agent. It allows you be a magnet for others who are thirsty to live in the here and now. Through your vulnerable leadership you will rest in your sacred core and exude a courage to be yourself truthfully and lovingly. You will be able to meet people at a depth that is unusually genuine. Automatically you are trustworthy, and somebody that people can resonate with, because you are in touch with truth. You will become increasingly congruent with what is and more free from fear, lies and violence. As such, you will offer permission for others to be who they are, to take down their guard, and be the gift that they are, in in all the light and dark.

Having walked a courageous journey over the course of this training, and having learned to rise as green shoots of life-force from the shattered concrete of our own brokenness, we start to become the embodiment of the change we want to see in the world – part of the wild force of nature that is breaking through the walls of the old paradigm to liberate humanity into an entirely new culture and relationship to intimacy, wholeness, integrity, power, pleasure and sex. We stand as pioneers of a new phase of what it means to be human, alive and fully turned on.

Spring Module Focus: 

  • Learn to lead from vulnerability.

  • Learn to be, collaborate, and cooperate with others.

  • Learn to live and love from your deepest self.

  • Surrender into being of service to others.

  • Letting go of the idea of a separate sense of self.

  • Understand humanity’s collective and historical trauma and how it affects us today.

  • Learn to work as a team.

  • Develop comfort expressing your true self in front of others.

  • Experience and identify your core values of what it means to be you.

  • Come into right relationship with yourself through transparency, humility and fierce devotion to the truth, holding nothing back.

  • Truly stand for what is important to you.

  • Become a conscious creator of your own life, without being held back by old patterns.

  • Experience coming home to yourself, letting your guard down and allowing all of you to be seen, heard and celebrated by others.

Additional practices for the Spring Module: 

  • Vulnerable Leadership Practices (Drawing from Embodied Intimacy)

  • Co-Creation and Collaboration Practices (Drawing from Embodied Intimacy, dance and theatre Improvisation)

Theoretical Context

  • Theoretical Context (Drawing from Tamera Healing Biotope Philosophy)

Buster Rådvik, MA

 Photo: Alexander Weck

Photo: Alexander Weck

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to their humanity, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability and presence. He gently guides participants into the wisdom of the body and its innate drive to heal, develop new capacities and adapt. 

Buster is the founder of Embodied Intimacy, Embodied Intimacy Training, a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice and a professional member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS). He specializes in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. In addition he tours in Internationally offering Embodied Intimacy Workshops and currently works at Khiron House, a residential trauma clinic in Oxfordshire, England. 

He believes that the body is the pathway to liberation. 

Background, Education and Certifications

Buster draws his approach from working professionally as a dancer and choreographer, his personal recovery from trauma and addictions, living in therapeutic and spiritual communities, and numerous experiential, psychological and spiritual training at various institutes since mid 90's. 



Facilitation Team

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.04.31 AM.png

Rachel Rickards

Rachel Rickards is a teacher, producer and relationship sorceress and co-founder of Embodied Intimacy. As a producer she’s worked with organizations like the Golden Globe Awards, Aline Media, The School of Tribal Tantra, SoulPlay and IntimacyFest. In 2014 she co-founded Embodied Intimacy, a thriving community of people interested in building relational intelligence through hands-on relating and experience-based education. Rachel also brings a passion for alternative relationships by helping people find their truth in the way they want to love and be loved. She has been featured on Showtime’s “Polyamory: Married and Dating”, she was selected to be part of Tamera’s Global Love School and has spoken all over the world about open relating, free love and the importance of intimacy & sisterhood.


David Cates

David Cates has devoted 40 years of his adult life to exploring sex, intimacy and connection. He travels the world as a deeply respected tantra teacher, sexual healer, mentor and beloved elder. His recent explorations involve using tantric embodiment practices to create synchronized group heart fields. He created the Belly2Belly practice so random strangers can move together into a palpable shared experience of trust and loving connection. David is committed to showing men and women how to tap into the power sources in our own bodies and give birth to new realities.




This workshop has given all I longed for and so much more.

I’ve received amazing tools to work with and to implement in my personal sessions and workshops as a facilitator, as well as implementing these tools in my personal relationships with others. I am so incredibly inspired by the amazing loving way this amazing couple has shown the incredible impact of sacred tools such as the breath, non-violent communication, being truly present and especially through connecting with each other using the body and it’s amazing neurological awareness as a way to connect on so many profound and intimate levels with each other.
— Rachel K.
My work with Buster was very profound for me as it allowed me to have a direct embodied experience of being held in the most raw naked vulnerability.

My biggest fear based belief was that I could not be held in love and respect; without the other trying to fix me or take me out of me feelings. That I needed to chose between being in contact with another versus being in contact with my vulnerability.

Through our work together it was amazing to have a new imprint within my nervous system of being met right there were my belief said that I was most unlovable. Wow! And it was very powerful having Buster as a witness of my own unfolding, not rushing my wave and allowing me to slowly come out of the identification with the story to realize here now I am in a different space as I am available to open up and receive that which I long for.
— Diana Prem Shakti, Psychologist
Buster has an amazing ability to go directly to the root of what is blocking you. With a compassionate and safe presence, he guides you into the paces where you need to meet yourself with more love.

Never have I experienced a more efficient way to relive and release old trauma, and lean into it with a complete trust that the space-holder can hold all of it. But Buster is capable of that, he is a safe and competent guide in this journey. I feel that a part of my story has been rewritten after our session.
— Zoe Johansen
I started working with Buster in the autumn of 2016 when I decided to really face certain patterns of trauma in intimate relationship that had been present for me for a long time.

After 15 years of therapy previously, I can honestly say that Buster is by far one of the best therapists I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I found him to be deeply attuned to me as a client, extremely skilled in meeting me in whatever state I was in and responding to me in a way where I felt understood, seen, and appreciated on a core level. I felt his humanity, love and compassion shine through our work together continuously, during which he supported me to enter and reveal some of the most tender and vulnerable spaces of my being, which were then welcomed with safety, love, presence and wisdom in a way that was transformational for me.

In the course of our work together he supported me to reconnect with and integrate some of my most challenging patterns in relationship, learn to care for and provide safety for myself in those areas, take some major steps in healing them, and significantly evolve the maturity with which I can be in relationship.
— Jon D.